Royersford Excelsior 21" Drill Press

I stumbled across my Royersford on E-bay, of all places.  I had wanted a "camel-back" for some time, and did NOT expect find it where I did.  I ended up with a very nice piece of machinery, very gently worn for it's age. 
It has a power down feed, and a back gear, two nice options in a drill press of this size.  Mine also has an optional factory motor attachment, showing it's a later model for a camel-back. 

Rolling it in:
View Left:
Right View:

Above: It's not pretty or new, but little that I own is.  It just barely squeezed in, on the South wall.

Left: The cracked feed stop was the only thing I could find that was broken.  It is my understanding that this is VERY common, and of little concern currently.  

Right: The machine was a deal, but the goodie "bucket" made the deal a LOT better.   I don't think these will fit in the index, or the drawer.   For purspective, the chuck is a Jacobs 14n.  

Some Items of interest. 

21" Drillpress Manual
Someone put some work into this one.
Scan, 5 pages, .PDF 849kb