Fun with an old South Bend 13"

I found my lathe at a garage sale, in the basement of a house that had burned.  It appeared to be in great condition considering the circumstances, the fire appeared to have burned around it. It was also evedent, even it's blackened state, it had been used but well cared for. 
It was in need of rescue, I was in need of adventure, and the pictures say the rest.  

It is a South Bend Model 34 13" swing on a 84" bed.  It is serial no. 1155, manufactured in early 1912.

Forunatley Mike had a camera phone and got a few pics of the extraction.  The blackness made picture taking difficult at best, so this is all there is.

Looking Down:
Looking Up:
Almost done:

My garage was pretty trashed with pieces and parts when it got home.

Mess overview:
Some of the tooling:
Carriage and accessories:
Chucks and faceplates:
More tooling:
The bed, head, and screw:
Bed S/N, uncovered:

Clean up was interesting, being that all the oil good cooked on, then got wet and sooty, then I oiled it all down.

6" 3 Jaw Chuck Apart:
That's Oil and Water:
Tailstock before cleaning:
Yep that's water, inside!
Headstock after pulling the spindle:

Part of the Drive Mount:

Some people pay for that look!: