Fun with an old South Bend 13"
Things cleaned up fairly well, using a combination of a wire wheel, chemicals, sand blasting, Scotch-Brite, and even the buffing wheel once in a while.

Bed after sandblasting:
(Wow that filler is tuff!)
Drive mount assembly,
ready to paint:
Some head parts, about to be painted:

Fw / Rv assembly, cleaned then oiled
The cone pinion is easier to clean removed.
Removal required some patience:

The cone, back on the spindle, after a light
brush up with Scotch-Brite @ 4000rpm

I opted to sand blast several larget componants. I made a sandblasting "tent", for the legs and bed. The blue tarp and plexi-glass were less than $15.00 and the local big box. Everything else I had laying around.

Not pretty but VERY functional:
Duct tape and rivets for the glass.
Slits for arm access:
A light inside is a must
Don't mention the bench to my wife =}
Black Oxide tears it up!

The paint I chose is an Alkalyd base, with a hardener, from the local farm supply store.   Massy Furgeson Grey    Most work was in the garage, however, it was nice to take things to work when the weather got cold.