Fun with an old South Bend 13"

First I wanted to get the legs back under the bed.  I acquired some nice feet from a friend, and leveled it up.   You can see the rack is back on it also.
This gave me an opertunity to inspect the bed and ways, after it sat leveled for a while.  In it's previous home it had been simply sat on two by fours, no shims. 

It was comforting to see the remnants of scraping on the ways.   Shown here have been cleaned fairly well.  I'll give them another once over, after a good soaking with some fine oil.

The tail stock was the next easiest componant, with only a few moving parts. 

I was planning on setting the head next, but thought it would be best set the motor mount / arm first.  My back was glad I hung it with a picker, as it still remembered pulling it off by hand.  I have little doubt that the arm is from another lathe.  There are no provisions for this arm in the bed casting.  It bolts to a plate, that is bolted to the bed.  Mostly I'm putting it back on because that's how it was when I found it, and currently do not other provisions to drive the lathe. 

I needed the work surface back, so I finally set the head stock.   It's not 100%, (oilers, covers, misc.) but the bearing caps are on and it spins smoothly.   I re-used the factory shims, as well as some shims that when held up to the light were clearly oil soaked magazine remnants.   You can see the screw found it's way home some how, it will need to come loose for the apron install, but it's a good spot for now.   On the right the gear box made it back up.  I did NOT gut it, and hope the seals are as good as they looked.   However if it does spring a leak, it will save me some oiling. 

With the saddle in place it is starting to look like a lathe again.   I could start doing some setup and adjustment, but I won't until I have a motor and apron in place.  Soon I hope.!

So I finished putting it back together. Initial checks are looking good! =)
The accumulating clutter may show that it's now time to move, and take it back apart =(