Fun with an old South Bend 13"
Some other Items of interest. 

1912 - 1913 S.B Catalog.
Scanned PDF 10mb

1913 How To Run A Lathe.
Scanned .PDF 7mb
Like many US companies before them,
I think South Bend Lathe Works is gone for good.

Below is a list of links to sites I found helpful during this project. Thanks to all those who helped!

The Practical Machinist forums have been a great source of information of all types.
The people there are great, even to the ignorant!
I have a love hate relationship w/ Yahoo!, but the groups are helpful.
Search: "south bend lathe" there are a few groups. I won't pick favorites. has been another great reference.
Tony has a lot more than just SB on his site.
I found Steve via the PM forums, he and his site have been helpful.
I also found William via the PM forums, another helpful site.