Shape-Rite 8" Shaper

As you can see it's nothing too special.  I acquired this machine locally, pretty much as you see it.  From what I've seen the hand wheel and step pulley were switched at some point, OR it's not the model B everyone seems to have.  Probably a model A.  It came with it's original vise and clapper box, which is nice.  It has a few broken componants, but everything still works.  The helical gearing still spins quietly and smoothly!  

Thanks to some pointers from fellow members at the Practical Machinist forum, I was able to DIG out the serial number.  Notice MADE IN THE U.S.A., and that each letter was still individually stamped.  Must have been a slow day. 
To the right is the vise taken off and apart.  There are a couple more vise pictures here.  

Some Items of interest. 

8" Model B Lubrication Chart
Scan, one page, .PDF 800kb
Shape-Rite Operation Manual
Scanned .PDF 1.65MB
This one is word searchable.